Hunter among melanoma ‘hot spots’ in eastern Washington (Image via KIRO 7)

Hunter amon우리카지노g melanoma ‘hot spots’ in eastern Washington (Image via KIRO 7)

In Washington state, nine of 50 patients tested positive for melanoma and six have died.

Fourteen of the 50 patients in Wash. saw no treatment, and the others all saw treatments through early-stage stages, said Dr. Thomas Jager, director of medical affairs and immunotherapy for the hospital.

The cancer is still “moving to other places,” Jager added. “The cancer is more aggressive and more aggressive.”

The state has seen more melanoma cases than any o바카라사이트ther in the nation.

Mortality rate in Washington is at nearly 5 percent, which compares to 5.2 percent nationally, KIRO 7 reported.

The case on Tuesday was treated as an isolated incident.

The hospital provided the following statement:

“The cancer did not go away. We are saddened that we lost a valued patient, especially in the context of a tragic series of events, but have a team of dedicated staff on site to provide ongoing care. As always, we are committed to serving our res바카라사이트idents well through timely and appropriate care.”

(Reporting by Andrew Siff in Vancouver; Editing by Michael Perry)